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Volunteer opportunities abound for people who have time and talent to contribute. There are two avenues to consider:

» Volunteering with Friends of Hospice – Friends of Hospice members who want to build a solid organization that adds value to the mission of Partners In Care may volunteer in a number of ways. This is a non-clinical volunteer role that will not involve patient contact.

Volunteers are needed to help Friends of Hospice in these ways…

  • Serve on the board of directors
  • Organize educational programs or social gatherings
  • Write and edit for the website, Facebook pages, newsletters or press releases
  • Serve on a special events committee
  • Host gatherings in your home or place of business
  • Secure business discounts and special offers as Membership Benefits
  • Assist in developing an Arts In Care consignment gallery
  • Set up an online auction site for Friends of Hospice
  • Promote membership in Friends of Hospice; assist with mailings
  • Participate in a speaker’s bureau
  • Help maintain the Pet Park and gardens at Hospice House

» Hospice Volunteers for Partners In Care. Volunteering for Partners In Care includes specialized training in patient care within the services of Partners In Care. Volunteer training is provided three times a year and individualized as needed. Volunteers are considered to be a vital part of the clinical team which also includes a registered nurse, social worker, chaplain, and certified nursing assistant or aide. Contact Jason Medina, Volunteer Coordinator at Partners In Care to get started with this process.

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