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Receiving discounts and other offers from Central Oregon businesses is one of the benefits of being a Friends of Hospice member. It’s a win-win for both the members and for your business.

There is no cost associated with publishing your offer on our website. It is the place where members will learn about the current offers, so keeping your listing up to date is important. Your business name, preferred contact information, offer, and location will be listed. 

Some business offers may also be promoted on the Friends of Hospice Facebook page. This is done at the discretion of the organization as new businesses are added, or when the offer is especially generous. As a rule, business logos will not be included and advertising space will not be sold.

Three simple steps…

Step 1

  • Determine what your offer will be. Straight discount of 5%, 10%, or more? Set amount?
  • Send us an email or call us at (541) 410-3918 with your offer and business information.
  • You will receive a Letter of Agreement from Friends of Hospice to review and sign. This letter will state your offer, time period, and responsibilities.

Step 2

  • Your offer is posted on the Friends of Hospice website and Facebook page.
  • Offers can be updated at your request.
  • Links are provided from our website to yours.

Step 3

  • Friends of Hospice members present their membership card to you when making a purchase.

Questions? Email us here or call (541) 410-3918.