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About Friends of Hospice

We’ve Come Full Circle!

In 1979, Friends of Hospice formed in Central Oregon as an all-volunteer patient care organization. It was the first hospice in Oregon to begin seeing patients. Over the past 37 years, it evolved into what is now
Partners In Care.

In 2015, Friends of Hospice has been re-created—this time as a membership-based supporting organization of Partners In Care, the largest and most respected hospice provider in Central Oregon. Friends of Hospice is an all-volunteer tax-exempt non-profit organization. Its central mission is to help people understand the complexities of dying, death, and grief within the scope of hospice and palliative care.

Friends of Hospice members believe in the value of hospice care at the end of life. We seek to live life fully, approach the end of life with clarity, and receive the most compassionate and respectful care at the time of death.


Our Purpose

As an organization, we aim to:

  • Take the mystery out of the dying process by openly discussing vital topics in both formal and
    informal settings.
  • Provide information on end-of-life issues so that people are better prepared.
  • Help people make good choices based on individual and family needs.
  • Advocate for the right to receive excellent health care at the end of life.
  • Help people understand when and how to ask for hospice care.
  • Help others navigate the complexities of this specialized form of care by introducing them to the professionals at Partners In Care.
  • Provide a social outlet for expressing support, understanding death, and dealing with loss. Promote volunteerism and charitable giving.